·        New Building Consultation in:

o         Specification Appraisal

o         Plan Approval

·        Design and consultation services to ship conversion projects, such as:

o       Converting single hull ships, or ships with double bottoms and protectively located ballast tanks, into fully fledged double-hull ships.

o       Bunker tanks modification to comply with MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI

o       Modification of tanker vessels to FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading)

·        Vessel Pre-purchase Inspection and Examination of Class Records

·        Tonnage Measurements

·        Scantling Re-assessment

·        Technical Consultancy and preparation of Operational Manuals, to the satisfaction of IMO regulations and other International Organizations requirements, such as:

o       Ballast Water Management Plans (IMO Res A.868(20) & Res MEPC 127 (53))

o       Assistance in assessing and fitting Ballast Water Treatment Systems

o       Procedures & Arrangement (P&A) Manuals for chemical and product tankers carrying NLS cargoes

o       Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP)

o       Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SMPEP), for vessels carrying noxious liquid substances

o       Vapor Emission Control System (VECS) Manuals

o       Cargo Securing Manuals

o       Fire Control & Safety Plans (IMO Res. A.654(16) )

o       Safety Training Manuals ( SOLAS , Chapter 3, Regs 18 & 51)

o       Fire Safety Maintenance, Fire Training Manual & Fire Safety Operational Manual (IMO Res. MSC.99(73))

o       Local Loading Criteria for Bulk Carrier Cargo Holds

o       New IACS requirements for single hull Bulk Carriers: S30 (Evaluation of cargo hatch cover securing arrangements) and S31 (Renewal criteria for side shell frames)

·        New Panama Canal Requirements: Assessment of existing mooring arrangements onboard and proposals for acceptance by Panama Canal Authorities

·        Analysis of Transportation systems

·        ISM & ISO Development and Auditing Services

·        ISPS Code - Security Assessments and Plans

·        In-house Training Services

·        Client specific requests